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The BBC News Sidebar Gadget and BBC Weather Sidebar Gadget are hopefully the last ever gadgets that you will need to view news and weather on your desktop! They are free to use, but as a lot of time and effort has gone into these, you may also donate to the project.
BBC News Gadget Features:
  • Many feeds - choose from over 120 BBC uk and international feeds.
  • Search feeds - lets you specify a search keyword as the basis of your feed.
  • Age based colours - headlines can change colours the older they get.
  • Dupe Headline Removal - removes duplicate headlines across your feeds.
  • In-built browser - view the actual headline story within the gadget.
  • And more - there are many other configureable options - just try it out!
BBC Weather Gadget Features:
  • Global cities - choose a city from the global list of cities.
  • UK towns and cities - if you`re in the UK, you can choose local towns.
  • Temperature Format - choose between Celcius and Fahrenheit.
BBC News Gadget v1.1BBC Weather Gadget v1.31

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Download BBC Weather Gadget »

If you use these gadgets, please consider donating a few quid to help me cover some hosting costs:

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